News in Prescott Real Estate

  • Escape From Your Home with a Vacation Property

    BY Brad Bergamini

    Feeling the need to get away from your home for a while? Perhaps the winters are too harsh or you have a child in college a few states away. Maybe you just want to get a head start on retirement plans. If either of these scenarios sound like your sit...

  • Organize Your Home to Make Room for Holiday Memories

    BY Brad Bergamini

    It is never too early to begin preparing your home for holiday gatherings. Be sure to think about how many guests you will be having well in advance so you can prepare enough seating and clean and organize the rooms that need attention. Keep in mind ...

  • Welcoming Pets Into Your Home

    BY Brad Bergamini

    If you are an animal lover, a feathered or furry friend can make your home feel more welcoming. However you may find that your neighbors do not share that opinion. If you have an animal friend in your home, you can follow a few easy rules to live pea...