Diana Piccoli


Hi my name is Diana, I am a native Arizonan and service almost every part of the state. Arizona is an incredible place. Whether you are looking for mountains, high desert or the four seasons with some snow, we have it all. Each part of the state offers a natural playground with hiking, rivers and lakes for boating or cliff jumping, trails for biking or off-roading. Beyond the outdoor experience, the towns and cities in Arizona are always busy with events and are the hub for various museums and burgeoning artists.


Growing up in a real estate family, I’ve always had a passion for the excitement of finding the perfect home that a family can grow in, a couple can retire in, that an investor can flip and most importantly, making sure that whatever home you pick will work for you now and within your plans for the future. I want to help you get where you need and give all my clients the same amount of time and attention regardless of what you are looking for. I have the natural ability of communicating authentically with my clients and ensuring that everyone involved in the process is heard. This helps me identify exactly what you want so that I can help make it happen. Every real estate transaction is full of lots of paperwork and my organizational and negotiating abilities ensure that we are early or on time every step of the way and in front of the curve.


I always make myself available to my clients, but in my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, spending time with my son in the outdoors, reading and learning more, and traveling. I love to visit California and have been to every state, and I’ve flown around the world enjoying new and exciting places. I believe that everyone should be comfortable and so I dedicate my time and resources to helping take care of the less fortunate.

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