Home Decor Trends on the Way Out

Trends come and go. What was popular a few years ago may look dated today. While shag carpeting was a big hit in the 1970s, you don’t see many homes with that look today. If you’re ready to buy or sell a home, then it’s important to know what trends are hot — and what’s not. This can be especially important if you’re buying a home to flip. You don’t want to invest in decor that won’t be appealing to buyers in a few months. That’s why we want to share with you home decor trends that are on the way out according to experts.


You may be asking yourself, “What is shiplap anyway?” Originally used as a way to waterproof boats, it’s become part of the modern farmhouse trend in recent years. While you’ve no doubt seen it being used in many home-improvement shows on TV, its popularity is starting to fade. If you’re looking to add texture to a wall, try tile or plaster instead.

Midcentury modern furniture

The midcentury modern aesthetic has been back in a big way for the last several years. But let’s be honest — some of the most beautiful midcentury modern furniture is not all that comfortable. With all the time we’re spending at home now, homeowners are favoring furniture that’s easier to relax in, and midcentury chairs, tables, and sofas are on the way out. You can check out Home Accents II for recliner chairs, which are much more comfortable and modern.

Barn doors

Barn doors are useful when you’re trying to create separation for a room without taking up too much space. But be aware that barn doors — especially those with a dark brown, rustic finish — are losing popularity. Instead, opt for pocket doors that slip seamlessly into the wall.

Open shelves in the kitchen

Installing open shelves in your kitchen can help you display some of your most beautiful kitchen items. But let’s face it — most of us have crowded kitchen shelves that look better with cabinet doors. If you’d really like to showcase your vintage glassware collection, then use just one or two open shelves in your kitchen.

Open-concept floor plans

Open-concept floor plans have been quite popular in home design for many years. But the pandemic changed all that. Many homebuyers are now looking for homes that have more separation and privacy. For those working from home, having a quiet working space is key — but then also having a space separate from work to relax and unwind.

Formal rooms

Formal living rooms and dining rooms have been trendy lately, but they are falling out of favor. People want to be able to use and relax in all the rooms in their homes. Those formal dining rooms that were only used on holidays are being turned into home offices. Eliminating these formal rooms makes it easier to maximize your use of space.

All-white rooms

Finally, following the trend of wanting comfortable rooms that are easy to care for, all-white rooms are on the way out. While all that white can look pristine and appealing, it is difficult to keep clean. Opt for other neutral shades instead, such as soft blues, greens, or grays.

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Home Decor Trends on the Way Out

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