Moving to a Bigger Home

The lockdown has caused many Americans to reconsider how much living space they need. With students once again attending virtual classes and many employees working from home, you may have decided its time for a bigger house. And while moving into a bigger space can be exciting, it can also present a few challenges. Here are some important tips to help you make the transition.

Stick to your budget

Once you begin looking at homes, it can be tempting to extend your search to homes that are outside your budget range. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of your new home, dreaming about all the things you’ll do there. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to buy a home you can’t afford. You don’t want to stress out every month when it’s time to pay the mortgage. Instead, find out how much house you can afford before you begin your search. And keep your search limited to that price range.

Resist the temptation to go shopping

When you move into a bigger home, you’re probably going to need more things to fill it. While it can be tempting to go shopping for new furniture after you’ve put in an offer, you should wait until you’ve closed on the home. Deals can fall through, and you don’t want to be stuck with items you can no longer use.

Don’t spend too much

In addition to postponing your shopping spree, you should also reign in your spending on new items for your home. When you purchase a home, you’re spending a good deal of money upfront on your down payment, closing costs, and other fees. Plus you’ve taken on the responsibility of a large home loan. You don’t want to plunge further into debt by decking out your new house. While it’s fine to create endless Pinterest boards about how you’d like to decorate your home, don’t spend too much in the process.

Focus on important rooms first

If you can’t tackle every room right away, then you should focus on the ones where you’ll be spending most of your time. Did you buy a bigger house so that you could have a dedicated home office? Then get that room set up first. Do your kids need a quiet place to attend virtual classes and do homework? Then get those homeschool spaces squared away. Focus on your needs first. When you have the extra time and money, you can begin to turn your attention to other areas of your home.

Use things in new ways

Just because you’ve always used that side table in the bedroom doesn’t mean it might not work in another room, too. Moving into a new space gives you the opportunity to see things from a new perspective. You don’t have to use items the way they’ve always been used before. It’s OK to move that comfortable chair from the living room to your new home office. Don’t be afraid to move lamps and decorations from one room to another. By changing up where you put things in your new home, you’ll see them with fresh eyes and gain a new appreciation about what they mean to you.

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Moving to a Bigger Home

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